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Interfaith Action International

                        Transforming Lives

                                                    One Life at a Time

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We make every effort to ensure that the trips we take to Guatemala and other countries

   are designed to provide transforming experiences for all concerned.

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We accept groups and individuals of all faiths and religions.

This next year ...

In 2014 we will be taking two teams to the Guatemala Highlands to install wood Efficiency

   Stoves [click for more details] in homes surrounding the town of Chichicastenango

   as well as finishing construction on two second story classrooms in a rural community.

Source of our projects ...

All of our projects are selected by in-country comities prior to submission to Interfaith

   Action International for consideration.  This insures that projects are not what

   we "think" they need but are projects that come to us from the people we help.

How we raise our funds ...

We raise our funds through sales of hand made items on the web and at local churches,

   as well as by donations from individuals, churches and civic organizations  that

   support our transformational programs in various countries.

What we are . . .now

Interfaith Action International, Inc. Is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization

   specifically designed to assist groups in the developing world bring about deep and

   lasting change on behalf of the communities in which we serve.